SnookerQ Game & Forum Guidelines

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SnookerQ Game & Forum Guidelines

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SnookerQ is a family-friendly game and we'd appreciate it if everyone followed the simple guidelines set in this document. Together, we can keep this site clean and welcoming to everyone around the world.

IMPORTANT: Admin / Moderators will NEVER ask for your password or bank details. DO NOT give out your personal details to anybody on this game or website.

Membership & Accounts:
To access the game and forums, you must have an account. Click the Register button on the game login screen to create your free account. After creating your account, you'll have to verify your email address. Once you're verified, you'll be able to log in. Please note, all new usernames will be reviewed by the moderators to see if they follow the guidelines. You might be asked to pick another username at any time, which will be changed for you.

The username and password you used to sign up for a SnookerQ account will also be used to log into the SnookerQ Forums.

You cannot change your username.

To change your password/email address, you must log into your SnookerQ account on After you've logged in, go to 'My Account' and 'Personal Details'.

Free accounts that have not been in use for 6 months will be locked and hidden from rankings. Simply, logging into a locked account will unlock it. Locked accounts will be permanently removed after 24 months of inactivity.

You cannot share your account with others. We log user activities to check for suspicious patterns to prevent certain players from gaining unfair advantages. Inspections will be strict during prized tournaments.

If you're giving your account to somebody else, please contact to notify us. The new owner of the account should also change the email address on the account which will automatically notify you via email to verify the change of ownership. Failure to follow these steps can lead to account suspension.

Forum Posts & SnookerQ Game Chat:
The following rules apply to everybody who owns a SnookerQ account. This includes; Admins, Mods and Regular Members.

Refrain from the use of profanity, racial, ethnic, gender-based insults or any other personal discrimination on the SnookerQ game or the forums. This will not be tolerated and can lead to immediate suspension.

Refrain from discussing religious, political or other sensitive topics on the SnookerQ game or the forums. This includes flaming or instigating arguments.

Keep in mind that there may be kids reading what you're typing. Although, this game is targeted at users who are aged 18 and over, users under the age of 18 can still sign up with permission from their parents/carers.

There are some cases where we don't care what you discuss with your 'friends', as long as you're at a table set to 'private' and are not offending anyone. Just remember, not everyone can take a joke!

If you have been abused or have witnessed abuse; hit the "Report Chat Abuse" to send the latest chat history to the moderators to investigate. Not all reported chats will result in penalties. Every case will be dealt with fairly, without any bias.

Do not spam, self-promote or advertise content which is not directly linked to the SnookerQ website/forum. You can use the Player Bio section on the game OR fill in your forum profile to tell the community about yourself.

Posting links to non-SnookerQ webpages is NOT permitted. All advertisements and links to competitor websites will be deleted immediately.

Do not ask for, or share personal details including; phone numbers, passwords, email addresses, home/work addresses, bank details or any other personal information.

Users who do not follow the guidelines may be warned, muted, limited from certain features, banned for a certain period or banned permanently - depending on the severity of their offence(s).

Cheating On The Game:
We have implemented an anti-cheat software to trace irregular patterns of play, detect third-party software and other suspicious activities. People caught cheating will be served with permanent bans.

Giving account access to other players to play on your behalf is NOT permitted.

Do not cheat for breaks! Usually called 'tip-tapping', this means that users are purposely splitting the pack to make big breaks. Please note: Replay files of all 100+ breaks will be auto-posted on the website for moderators and other users to view.

Do not intentionally concede frames/matches to reward points to your opponent. Conceding repeatedly in a short amount of time will be auto-reported by our anti-cheat software and will result in suspensions of all accounts involved.


Thank you!