Crowd suggestion

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Crowd suggestion

Post by etamboni »

Suggestion - I love the sound effects, the sound of a power shot hitting the back of the pocket, the crowd
cheering etc.

Could you put a graphic of a crowd in you're playing in the crucible?

Also, a 2nd suggestion:

In trying to get out of a snooker, sometimes you miss, and your opponent puts you back to try the shot again...when I go to try it again I can double click the cue ball and it has remembered the line of my last shot...this is useful...but what it neglects to do is remember your power changes it to something about remembering power.

Great game, thanks a lot.

ed tamboni

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Re: Crowd suggestion

Post by MRaja »

Hi, etamboni. Thanks for your suggestions!

We do have plans to release proper arenas in the future and having an actual crowd there will be fantastic.

Regarding the shot retake remembering your power, it already does remember the power that you used for your last shot but if you move your mouse after double-clicking, the power will change. So, make sure you read the power % after you click on the cueball again.

Thanks for playing SnookerQ!

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