Players Arriving

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Players Arriving

Post by JohnnyH »

Hi guys, John here, loving the game btw, looks great so far, good luck to all of you....

Anyway, I have noticed that when I am playing on my own, sad, I know, players have joined my tabled but I havent noticed? Even if they talk to me, is there a message box that can be placed on screen when you have a large table so you do not miss anything?

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Re: Players Arriving

Post by Testing »

Hi John 8-)

When you have the bottom box fully collapsed, there is a chat notification icon that shows on the right side of the scoreboard when someone is chatting:

Tip: You can press CTRL+D to quickly toggle between expand/collapse without having to click the buttons all the time.

Currently, there is no notification for when someone joins your table WHEN the bottom box is fully collapsed. The medium view of the bottom box is great for having access to all the main features and at the same time having a good view of the table:

I hope this helps. We'll consider adding some sort of notification for when someone joins your table when you have the chat collapsed.

Thanks :mrgreen:

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Re: Players Arriving

Post by SquaredCue »

In August 2021, a humble sound effect was added to the game and it is played each time you receive a private message (a.k.a. @whisper message), someone invites you or someone joins the table you are playing at. The sound effect is switched on by default but you can toggle it by pressing CTRL-N.

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