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Post by WitteChoco »

are there ever any tournaments? Might be fun...

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Re: Tournament

Post by SquaredCue »

Hi WitteChoco,

We have had a couple of cash tourneys so far and they were indeed much fun! Those tournament were manually administered. Meanwhile we have implemented fully automated tournaments with registration and withdrawal, automated table setup and invitations even across lobbies and web pages showing details and results from past and ongoing tournaments. We are at the end of the testing phase so the release is very close.

Thanks for dropping the question!

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Re: Tournament

Post by acediast »

Now that the tournaments are up and running - and many thanks for that - could we perhaps have number of titles incorporated in our stats somewhere?
Just a nerd request on my part really.

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Re: Tournament

Post by MRaja »

Coming up in the next update :)

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Post by Niccolo »

Are PROs allowed to join the Club tournaments?

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